“They can go out on bail.” But the case is not closed

“They can go out on bail.” But the case is not closed
“They can go out on bail.” But the case is not closed

ZANZIBAR – They will be able to get out of prison on bail Francesca Scalfari and her husband Simon Wood, in prison in Zanzibar since 7 June on charges, among other things, of money laundering. “The charges that prevented release from prison have been dropped, so they can go out on bail,” the Source specified, referring to the ruling of the Zanzibar High Court. “The prosecutor made an appeal”, the Source warned, but foreseeing an exit from the prison already “between this afternoon and tomorrow, June 24”, depending on the timing of the payment of the amount. The announcement of the release was disseminated by friends and family of the couple on social networks who in recent days had expressed concern about the difficult conditions in which husband and wife were in prison cells.

«Simon Wood e Francesca Scalfari can be released from prison, but the case has not been closed “confirmed another Source, specifying that the appeal was presented by the” Director of Public Prosecution “against the release on bail of the woman born in Milan and her British consort . As is known, the investigations that led to the trial had started with a complaint made by two ex-Vicenza partners of Scalfari and Wood damaged by an operation conducted by the couple on a majority stake in a hotel. In a civil case that ended in March, a Tanzanian court returned the shares to the former shareholders, who from the beginning had stressed that their complaint did not contain the charges that later led to the arrest of Scalfari and his wife (especially money laundry). From Zanzibar informed sources reported that “the former partners are pleased with the release, which they have always deprecated, and trust in Zanzibari justice, which will follow its course on the basis of the truths that will emerge from further judicial procedures”.

Former shareholders

The accusations against the couple are the result of a long legal battle between Scalfari-Wood and those who were their business partners, the Bassanesi Giovanni Viale and his wife Liliana Isabella Ferro.

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