The case around the body of John McAfee

John McAfee, the US millionaire known for founding the computer antivirus company that bears his name, died a year ago but his body is still in a morgue in Barcelona, ​​Spain: he will remain there until he is. closed the legal case around his autopsy.

At the time of his death McAfee was in Sant Esteve Sesrovires prison on some tax evasion charges in the United States and a Madrid court had just authorized his extradition to the country. According to the autopsy, he committed suicide, a conclusion disputed by McAfee’s family who asked for further examinations: a Spanish judge rejected the request, but the family appealed the decision. Until there is a ruling on the matter, McAfee’s body will remain in the same morgue where the autopsy was performed.

McAfee was 75 years old and had had a very eventful life. After achieving success with the company of the same name that marketed the first antivirus software, founded in 1987, he made headlines mainly for his legal woes – at one point he was suspected of murder in Belize – and for some oddities in which he was. been involved. In October 2020 he was arrested at Barcelona airport as he was boarding for Istanbul with a British passport. The US Department of Justice had previously issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of tax evasion and failure to complete tax returns between 2016 and 2018. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the agency US government tax collector also accused McAfee of failing to report $ 23 million in profits from cryptocurrency promotion.

For the next eight months McAfee had been in prison in Spain, and according to prison authorities he had already attempted to commit suicide four months before his death. According to the widow, Janice McAfee, however, she had never had such tendencies. She today spread an online petition on Twitter to put pressure on the Spanish authorities to obtain her husband’s remains. So far, just over 1,700 people have signed up.

A spokesman for the Catalan government said it is not usually the case that bodies of people correctly identified and requested by family members are kept in the morgue for so long.

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