Drought, rationing started in the province of Rome: 5 municipalities affected

Drought, rationing started in the province of Rome: 5 municipalities affected
Drought, rationing started in the province of Rome: 5 municipalities affected

The effects of the prolonged drought are felt throughout the region. The ANBI described in the bulletin released by its water observatory is a gloomy picture.

The ANBI report

For the national association of consortia, the water crisis in central Italy has an epicenter: Lazio, with a situation that is defined as “serious” in the Castelli Romani area, where “the two volcanic lakes, having no natural tributaries, depend mainly from rainfalls, which fell locally by over 75%, marking the worst figure since the beginning of the century “.

Rationing in 5 municipalities

The province of Rome, therefore, is affected by the substantial and prolonged absence of rainfall. Although the mayor Gualtieri declared that “Rome will not be affected by water emergencies”, but for the metropolitan city the situation is different. In fact, there are currently 5 municipalities whose inhabitants, at night, have to deal with reduced water pressure. The citizens who are already serving a sort of rationing, the ANBI clarified to Romatoday, are those who live in the municipalities of Capena, Manziana, Sacrofano, Velletri and Fiumicino but in the latter case only as regards the Testa di hare hamlet .

The level of rivers and lakes

Meanwhile, the levels of rivers and basins in Lazio continue to drop: “the Aniene has halved flow, the Tiber is at its lowest levels in recent years, the Sacco is increasingly dry; the level of Lake Nemi plummets to -1.88 meters (last year it was +1.6 meters) and also Lake Bracciano – according to the ANBI bulletin – records a further decrease ”. There, the mayor of the largest lake municipality has already issued an ordinance that allows water to be used only to quench thirst and for sanitary reasons.

At risk of rationing 180 thousand people

“Marked – always reads the ANBI report – is the drop in rainfall on Lazio: the negative record is in Ladispoli (only 83 mm fallen since the beginning of 2022, when the average is around 300 mm), but also in Rome there are drops of 63% “. In the Colli Albani territory, which is fed by the Simbrivio and Doganella aqueducts, “around 180,000 people risk water shifts”.

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