Lorenzo Tassoni and the little girl who fell from the terrace in Treviso: “I got her, I’m not a hero”

Lorenzo Tassoni and the little girl who fell from the terrace in Treviso: “I got her, I’m not a hero”
Lorenzo Tassoni and the little girl who fell from the terrace in Treviso: “I got her, I’m not a hero”

Treviso, 23 June 2022 – “Please, please no“. Those are the only words, urlatAnd at the top of your lungs with terror, pronounced from Lorenzo to little girl hanging on the railing of the balcony. Then he ran under the building with outstretched arms, closed his eyes and is became a hero. The little one, who has suns four yearsi is miraculously fell into her arms and he, the 28 years old Lorenzo Tassoni, he saved her life almost by accident. The story that took place on Monday afternoon in Treviso is incredible, in the Sant’Antonino area, a few steps from the railway.

Lorenzo – a young art lover, who lives in the Treviso district of San Zeno with parents e work as museum attendant in Venice – became the protagonist of a exceptional rescue. It was a fraction of seconds that changed the course of events: the little one hovering on the balcony of the house, in Street Sant’Antonino, Lorenzo who was passing by to go and get his bicycle, which he had punctured only an hour before and had brought to repair in the area.

They call me hero, but me I have only done what I had to. In front of my eyes I still have the image of that tiny little girl hanging with a little hand on the second floor terrace. And I keep thinking about what would have happened if I had missed the grip “, is Lorenzo’s story Tassonibounced in the last few hours in several newspapers.

The sound of the tablet and the eyes raised to the sky

It was the noise of the tablet falling on the asphalt to attract the young man’s attention, the little girl had it in her hands and it escaped her before falling. That was the fatal moment, there turning point that changed destiny of the little girl and of Lorenzo, who became a hero suddenly and without wanting to. The 28-year-old looked up and saw the little girl clinging to the terrace, at that point the rapid flow of events, which have now entered history. An indelible story that no one will ever be able to erase from Lorenzo’s memory and, for sure, from that of the little girl.

At about 5 I went back to the bike shop to pick it up and, at one point, I felt an object fall behind me. I turn around and see a tablet on the floor with a broken screen “, Lorenzo said. So the 28 year old, turned to the sound of the impact of the tablet, destroyed on the ground, instinctively he raises his eyes to heaven. And yesi notices that the little girl’s little body was clinging with his arm to the railing of the terrace.

I saw it hanging in the void, I had to save it “

F.daughter of a Tunisian couple, the child it was benefiting on the terrace home, escaped control for a moment of the babysitter, which at that time was inside the apartment. It had a tablet in his hands, which suddenly slips away from her. She slips between the railing and takes an eight-meter flight. The little girl tries to grab him, to no avail. So climbs on the parapethe unbalances himself and tries to avoid the fall by clinging his hands to the railing.

I saw the little girl hanging on the second floor terrace, I turned white and ran right under herwith arms stretched forward. L‘only thing I remember saying, maybe yelling, is was: please, please no“, the boy’s story continues, still incredulous when it happened. “I was in shock. The little girl didn’t scream though he was crying, destroyed in the face. She let go, has plummeted and luckily it has beaten against the first terrace which muffled a por’ the fall, is as if it bounced and I I managed to catch it on the fly. It is practically me fall into the arms“.

She fell crying

I grounded her, she was crying – recalled Lorenzo – then she went to the tablet and told me it was broken. It is as if she were sorry more for the broken tablet than for what had happened to her: an absurd scene. From the apartment is the babysitter arrivedI wanted to call 118 but she said it wasn’t needed and ran upstairs “. The little girl was unharmed and rescuers arrived on the spot, probably alerted by the neighbors. Visited by the doctors, the girl was in perfect health.

The parents arrived when the ambulance was already there has tellsto Lorenzo -, prhyme the father in the car: qwhen he saw that his daughter was fine he hugged me. Then the mother a few minutes later, on a bicycle. When she saw the sanitation with the child she seemed in shock, then she calmed down when she saw that she was all right ”.

Hero? “Hor only done what I had to “

He does not feel like a hero, Lorenzo just wants the spotlight to go out to continue his life as before, among friends and work in the museum of Venier-Manfrin palacehas no doubts: “H.or only done what I had to “.

I don’t feel e I am not a heromine is not shyness: the thing it is important that the baby is well“, underlines the 28-year-old, a native of the lagoon city. Soon he will be received at the town hall with full honors, the mayor Mario Conte he asked to meet him, struck by this miraculous story.

I would like to meet him, I would like invite him to the town hall“, said the mayor of Treviso. Accepted invitation, soon Lorenzo will cross the threshold of the Municipality where, probably, the mayor will give him a special mention: hero by chance, “Guardian angel“Of law.

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