Serie A calendar draw: the criteria and where to see it on TV and streaming

Serie A calendar draw: the criteria and where to see it on TV and streaming
Serie A calendar draw: the criteria and where to see it on TV and streaming

At 12, the League will unveil the rounds of the 2022-23 championship: it starts on the weekend of 13-14 August, with the break for the World Cup in Qatar. On the live broadcast and on Saturday, in the rosy newsstands, the calendar to be kept apart

Between asymmetrical groups, four days to be played with the summer transfer market still open and mid-season stop for the World Cup in Qatar, it will be a decidedly particular calendar that Serie A is preparing to unveil for the 2022-23 season. In fact, tomorrow the curtain will be raised on the calendar of the next championship, live from 12 on Dazn and on the YouTube channel of the Serie A League with the president Lorenzo Casini and the managing director Luigi De Siervo. And it will be a different calendar than usual, precisely because the first World Cup, which will not be played in the summer (in Qatar it will be played from 18 November to 21 December), has forced the League to revise the dates.

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It will start on the weekend of 13-14 August, with four days to be played by the end of the month. There will be four midweek rounds and there will instead be two breaks for the national teams (at the end of September and at the end of March) but the main novelty concerns the stop for the World Cup: Serie A will play the last day on November 13, with the break that then it will start on November 14th with the championship which will then officially restart on January 4th 2023.

Asymmetry and criteria

Furthermore, the asymmetrical calendar has also been confirmed, with the matches of the second round in a different order, both as a sequence and as a composition within a day, compared to the first leg. In the meantime, the League has announced the constraints and criteria that will be respected in the compilation of the matches. Among the criteria, there is an absolute alternation of home and away matches for Empoli-Fiorentina, Inter-Milan, Juventus-Turin, Lazio-Rome and Napoli-Salernitana. Also, a match will not have its return until another 8 matches have been played. The League has foreseen that clashes between Milan, Inter, Naples, Juventus, Lazio, Rome and Fiorentina cannot be scheduled in the midweek rounds, just as there are no derbies in the midweek rounds and on the first day. Finally, the clubs participating in the Champions League (Milan, Inter, Napoli, Juventus) do not meet the clubs participating in the Europa League (Lazio and Rome) and the clubs participating in the Conference League (Fiorentina) in the championship days between two consecutive rounds of European Cups. In all cases where this has been possible, the League has taken into account situations of unavailability of the field and / or concomitance with other city events of special importance.

Where to see the draw

The draw will be broadcast live on TV and streamed by Dazn and the Lega’s official YouTube channel. You can also follow the composition of the new Serie A with the direct text of In the Gazzetta on newsstands on Saturday, you will also find the complete calendar to detach and keep.

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