“How ashamed are you of your disabled relative?” In Nettuno the mandatory questionnaire for families. Suspended after protests

A survey shock and embarrassing to fill in in order to receive funds intended to support families who have a dependent person with a severe disability. “From zero to four how ashamed of your family member? How much resentment do you feel towards him? And then: ‘How uncomfortable do you feel when you have friends at home? ” The unpleasant and inappropriate questions contained in the form produced by the Municipality of Neptunein the province of Rome. It is mandatory to fill it in: you do not answer the questions, you will not be able to receive any financial support from the funds provided by the Lazio Region for the benefit of non self-sufficient people. The questionnaire, explains the Municipality of Nettuno, concerns the ‘detection of stress perceived by caregiver‘, which is the figure in charge of assisting the person with disabilities. The document must be delivered, together with the valid social-health Isee, by June 28 and delivered by hand to the protocol office or sent via Pec. “Answering those embarrassing questions by quantifying the daily difficulties experienced by mothers and fathers is nothing short of impossible, out of place and out of context”, affirm the families concerned on the Courier of the City, a local newspaper that deals with news from the province of Rome and beyond. “It would have been different instead ask questions appropriately and perhaps through the help of one psychologist. Instead, as it was designed, the questionnaire looks rather like a test on the degree of satisfaction of some products. But we are talking about people with severe disabilities ”. Meanwhile, in a note, the municipality makes it known that it has “suspended the administration of the questionnaire for further information with the competent Department of the Lazio Region”.

Contacted by Ilfattoquotidiano.it on the matter, the president of the National Association for the Mutilated and Disabled Civilians (Anmic) and pro-tempore also of the Federation of the national associations of people with disabilities (Fand) Nazaro Pagano he comments: “I have a lot of trouble a understand the reasons which prompted the Municipality of Nettuno to ask questions in such an unworthy and shameful way. A public body should deal with citizens in a very different way, especially when it comes to situations of serious and very serious disability “. Pagano then adds: “It is not possible to proceed with a modus operandi of this type, I will not enter into the merits of the procedural purposes of the questionnaire but I would suggest to all the families involved to refuse to answer these questions, so that the municipal administration realizes of the absolute stupidity of his work “. The joke is that filling in the questionnaire is a mandatory procedure for those people who live in very delicate conditions. The funds made available for these non self-sufficient subjects are used, for example, to pay for the transport service from home to specialized centers for treatment and therapies, to buy specific and very expensive aids and equipment. The families who care for people with severe disabilities pointed out that “for some time now the waiting list to receive the regional contribution had become increasingly long but also slower. THE slowdowns they are due to a transfer of local skills in the distribution of money and consequently an endless pile of bureaucratic papers “. Despite these problems, parents, family members and caregiver they waited but certainly did not imagine that they would also have to answer completely inappropriate questions by the end of June.

“Families with people affected by serious disabilities are among those most subject to the consequences of the pandemic and economic crisis, with inflation now at record levels”, adds Pagano. “It seems to me frankly unfair to addmore stress to these families already severely affected in these very difficult years for the vast majority of the population. We strongly reject the ways in which the questions were asked “. It is yet another embarrassing episode to the detriment of people with disabilities. “The gravity is that it was carried out by officials of a public administration that should instead protect the frailties” concludes the number one of the Fand.

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