“Other big names with Di Maio”. Now Conte fears new escapes. Who could leave

“Other big names with Di Maio”. Now Conte fears new escapes. Who could leave
“Other big names with Di Maio”. Now Conte fears new escapes. Who could leave

The tsunami that engulfed the 5 Star Movement has not finished causing damage yet: the feeling is that the split is not over, but that it can continue after that Luigi Di Maio and its approximately 60 loyalists have fled the galaxy galaxy to embrace the cause of the new group “Together for the future”.

In the last few hours rumors continue to bounce about possible new farewells in the M5S house by big shots, by prominent exponents who would therefore leave Giuseppe Conte with an almost extinct Movement. As Domenico Di Sanzo writes on the newspaper on newsstands today, the “dimaiani” are optimistic and hope to reach 100 at the most in a few weeks. But there are those who urge not to give too much numbers to journalists.

Are you ready for new goodbyes?

L’Adnkronos reports that the eyes are first on Lucia Azzolina: the former Minister of Education is considered very close to abandoning Conte’s ship to land on that of the Foreign Minister. Is it a matter of fact or a wish filtered by the “dimaiani”? We will find out shortly, given that internal sources report that the official announcement of the farewell could even arrive today. But at the moment there are no official confirmations.

Azzolina would not be the only big player to consider a team change. Among the attention there are as well Alfonso Bonafedeformer Minister of Justice, e Riccardo Fraccaro, former undersecretary to the presidency of the Council. There is a factor that unites them: in the past both were considered very close to Di Maio. Fraccaro, however, denies theAdnkronos of wanting to leave the 5 Star Movement. Bonafede is looked upon with suspicion by some colleagues for having invited, in recent days, to tone down the dialogue and to avoid personal attacks.

The split continues

Conte knows very well that if he fails to outline a political strategy for the future, he risks losing other members. It is no coincidence that one of the leading exponents let off steam before taking part in the top management meeting at the Campo Marzio headquarters: “Either Conte comes up with a project or I’m not there“.

The former Prime Minister is reproached for just this: we need clarity on the intentions and plans for the coming months, which is why we are asking to put an end to the ambiguity and strategy of Melina. There leak it may not have come to an end, also because the spotlight is on the upcoming appointments of provincial coordinators which could create widespread discontent among the excluded. “When Conte names the coordinators, there will be a queue outside our door …“, jokes a member of parliament loyal to Di Maio.

A further very delicate point concerns support for the Draghi government, on which the “Continians” have already split. Last night some parliamentarians, during the joint assembly, stressed the fact that many activists are asking the Movement to leave the executive. But Conte was clear: “Support for Draghi is not in question“It cannot be ruled out that other clutches may wear out on this front with consequent farewells.

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