Supermarkets, contaminated coffee withdrawn from the shelves: Maximum attention

There is a new urgent withdrawal by the Ministry due to the risk of an ochratoxin alarm in coffee, we see brands and lots in the crosshairs. Consumers on maximum alert.

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This is a new precautionary withdrawal that has not yet found official status on the website of the Ministry of Health which has not yet published it in the Journal, but which has instead been disclosed by the producers (and retailers) themselves.

This time it is Grinded coffee classic taste under the Juanito brand sold by both Tuodì, Ingrande that Fresh Marketthe chains have spread the warning in their official pages in the News section -> Alerts and recalls.

Specifically, it is a product with a limit of ochratoxin TO. beyond that allowed by national and European law.

The product is sold in packs of 250 grams with the number of lot D06X and the minimum storage term (Tmc) 06/04/2024. The two supermarket chains then urged consumers to return the coffee at risk for a refund or replacement.

All customers who are in possession of a package of the product indicated above are invited to bring it back to any TUODI ‘, FRESCO MARKET, INGRANDE sales points. The store staff will arrange for a replacement or refund“, Reads the common note.

Ochratoxin A, risks and dangers for human health. Let’s be clear

The note published by the stores reads: “Ochratoxin A levels found beyond the permitted threshold “. It is in fact a substance (mycotoxin) which if ingested can cause serious damage to human health.


Cup of coffee (Instagram photo @differentcaffe)

L’ochratoxin is able to inhibit protein synthesis, with an appreciable immunosuppressive activity, especially the variant A itself accumulates in the kingne and can give nephrotoxicity.

It is thought to be one of the causes of Balkan endemic nephropathy, a widespread kidney disease in the Balkans. It is found as a contaminant in foods such as cereals, preserved meats, fresh and dried fruit, and cheeses.

Recall that the maximum limit of ochratoxin A is 0.50 micrograms / kg for cereal preparations and infant formulas, as well as special dietetic foods for infants.

Ground coffee Juanito ochratoxin A withdrawal beyond limits
Juanito ground coffee (

All this was reported by the Regulation (EC) n. 655/2004 (nitrate content of foods intended for infants and young children).

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