New Year 2022, fireworks banned in Naples: the ordinance

New Year 2022, fireworks banned in Naples: the ordinance
New Year 2022, fireworks banned in Naples: the ordinance

The use of fireworks, firecrackers, barrels, rockets and similar pyrotechnic devices is prohibited from 4 pm on 31 December 2021 to 24 hours on 1 January 2022.

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Forbidden to shoot i fireworks in Naples a New Year 2022. The mayor Gaetano Manfredi sign theorder for the Neapolitan capital, where the rite of the explosion of “barrels” is very common in popular tradition. The “ban on the use of fireworks, firecrackers, barrels, rockets and similar pyrotechnic devices” will be in force throughout the city from 4.00 pm tomorrow, Friday 31 December 2021, until midnight on Saturday 1 January 2022. For those who violate the ordinance they are provided fines of up to 500 euros, in addition to the seizure of the material. The ordinance is aimed at avoiding new admissions to hospitals already in trouble for those infected with Coronavirus, underline sources of Palazzo San Giacomo, and would be the first of this type because it also bans legal barrels. Controls will be entrusted to the police, already engaged in anti-Covid19 checks. But it is conceivable that it will not be easy to enforce the ban on fireworks.

The ordinance

L’trade union ordinance signed today from mayor Gaetano Manfredi has:

“the absolute ban on the use and detonation of fireworks, firecrackers, barrels, rockets and similar pyrotechnic devices, even if freely sold, throughout the city from 16:00 on 31 December 2021 to 24:00 on 1 January 2022. Unless the fact constitutes a crime, violators of the prohibition referred to in this ordinance are punished by applying the administrative sanction provided for by art. 7 bis of Legislative Decree 267/2000, for an amount between € 25.00 and € 500.00, the seizure of the pyrotechnic material used pursuant to art. 13 of Law 689/1981 and subsequent confiscation pursuant to art. 20 paragraph 5 of the aforementioned law “.

“It is necessary – it is pointed out – to regulate the use of the aforementioned explosive or flammable fireworks, considering the need to guarantee the safety and health of citizens and patrimonial integrity as a priority and which responds to the sensitivity of the community
civil Neapolitan the need to protect domestic and non-domestic animals “.” The only possible measure is represented by the prohibition of the use of any fireworks with a sound, flammable and explosive effect, the potential danger of which is objectively implicit from 16:00 of 31 December 2021 at 24:00 of 01 January 2022 “.

The mayor: “Dangerous practice”

In the ordinance signed by the mayor, the reasons that led the municipal administration to this choice are explained. “On the occasion of the New Year celebration – writes the mayor – the practice of using fireworks, firecrackers, barrels, rockets and the like, as well as other exploding fireworks is widespread”. But, “improper use of such products, implying an objective danger, without the adoption of the necessary precautions to avoid direct and indirect dangers and damages, it threatens the physical integrity of people and animals, as well as the artistic and historical cultural heritage of the Municipality of Naples “.” There is – underlines Manfredi – an objective danger also for those products, of an explosive nature, for which the sale to the public is allowed “.

“The experiences concretely recorded in the past years in the city of Naples – he continues – and the testimonies of the press and television have highlighted the consequences linked to the use, beyond all caution, of exploding devices, as well as i damage caused to
people, animals and things“.” Civil society is becoming increasingly aware of limiting disturbing noises as much as possible, as well as the increase in emissions of pollutants into the environment, especially for particularly fragile categories of subjects such as children and the elderly, as well as pets and not which can be victims of lethal events due to the aforementioned improper use “.

“This avoids further hospitalizations”

But it doesn’t stop there. Among the reasons given by the mayor, there is also that of avoiding hospitalizations in hospitals already full for Coronavirus. “In the current health emergency situation – it is written in the ordinance – the increase in hospitalizations, following accidents caused by barrels, would represent a particular vulnerability for health professionals, already tried so much by months of pandemic “.” Therefore, it is necessary to take all possible actions to avoid further congesting the emergency rooms “. Therefore,” it is necessary to balance the interest of those who legitimately want to celebrate the arrival of the new year, above all to leave behind the hard moments linked to the very long pandemic, with the incompressible right to the protection of the physical integrity of people and animals “.

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